FAQFrequantly Asked Questions

The Perfect

What’s your style?

I focus on documentary and also portraiture styles. I think it’s great to have a combination of both and there are specific scenarios for using both of these styles. For example, for formal pictures at the altar I have to go with the portraiture style, but for key “just-happen-once” moments such as the reaction of the groom when the bride enters the chapel, it would be a documentary-style of photo.

Now, no matter what style I use, let me tell you once again that this is a two-way street and the key for achieving great shots is that you, your fiancé and I together as a team bring out the best of ourselves and create unbelievable shots! Trust me, you will fall in love with your images!

So, you said this is a two-way street and that we’re a team…What tips would you encourage us to do from our end to achieve those great shots?

I have created a reference list of Tips for you below:

  • Attitude matters: Yes, I know you’ll be stressed out that day worried about all the things you’ve done to make it perfect! However, I encourage you to take seriously the fact that this day is ALL YOURS and you have to FULLY enjoy it! Things may not run as perfect as you thought, but guess what? No one will notice! So, relax and remember this quote: “Laugh like it’s your last breath, live like it’s your last day, dance like nobody’s watching, sing like no one’s listening and of course, love like you never did before, just be yourself”.
  • Details & accessories: Details embellish everything! Simple things such as flowers, post-its, initials of your names, etc. help in the composition of a photo. I suggest you look over the Details folder under my portfolio to give you ideas of what you can do. If you’re willing to make an extra investment on that, you can go to Etsy.com; they have amazing cute handcrafted details you can purchase.
  • Professional Makeup and Hair: This is a must-do investment. Another excuse to sit down, relax and feel like a queen. I know how much girls love makeup, but this is the perfect time to let someone else do it for you. I strongly encourage you to hire a professional makeup artist specialized in Photography and also a professional hair stylist. I don’t doubt you girls have great skills doing your own makeup, but this must be a media production type of makeup – We want you to look stunning for long lasting hours; that way you will feel beautiful and confident from the moment you walk the aisle to the moment you’re doing your grand exit next to your groom. Don’t say I told you but some brides take the advantage to do their makeup and do trials the day of their photo session 😉

If you need a referral please let me know, I have a couple of Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists that have worked with some of my clients before and that I can prove their work is impeccable and 100% Photography approved.

We’ve never done a Professional photo session before and not sure what to do…

No worries! Pretty much all the couples and brides that I’ve shot have never done a professional photo session before and their shots look like those you find on a magazine ad. That’s because I guide my clients with certain poses and directions that they can adapt to their personalities, feeling comfortable and most importantly confident being themselves and living the moment!

What type of equipment do you use?

I use Professional Canon DSLR.

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes, I have backup gear with me at ALL times.

Do you include high-resolution digital files with copyright release in all your packages?

Yes, all images included in all my packages will be yours! Your images will be given to you with a Copyright release so you can use them however you would like and make prints wherever you want as well.

Do you have experience shooting indoor as well as outdoor weddings?

Yes, I have shot weddings in both settings. The lighting technique would be different from each other, depending on the exact location. As part of our initial meeting, I will go over with you on the locations for both, the ceremony and the reception and if it’s a location that I haven’t shot before at, I always personally visit the place prior to the wedding day so I can have my game plan ready with no improvisations.

How long would it take to see my photos after the wedding?

Typically you can expect to see your images within 8-10 weeks after your Wedding Day.

Do you also do Bridal and Engagement Sessions?

Absolutely! I do Bridal –aka “Rock the Dress” or “Trash the Dress”- as well as Engagement and “Happily Ever After” sessions. This last one is getting more and more trending, since the bride and groom days after the wedding dress up again and together do a very romantic “Happily Ever after” session at a unique location.

Please contact me for pricing information on these sessions.

What do you think about ordering albums, prints, gallery wraps, etc.? Is it worth?

I know we’re now in the digital world and all the fancy technology, but there are things that will never change over time, like having tangible Wedding Albums for you to pass along generations and generations! There is no level of comparison between holding a beautiful print on you hands, or displaying it in that special spot of your house and viewing it on your computer or Smart Phone. Technology changes over time and we don’t even know if we will be able to keep all the information that we currently have today for years in our computer’s hardware.

So yes, I got you cover! There is a complete price list of additional products such as prints, albums, gallery wraps and even murals that you can order and purchase. This price list will be sent per request. You will also have an option to do this from the online gallery where you will get to see all your photos.

Do you do destination weddings?

For sure I do! I would love to travel to document your wedding! I request airfare, lodging and a rental car if the stay will be longer than 2 days. Please inquire a quote for your specific destination.

Do you work with a second shooter?

It would be myself only for the already great priced Wedding collections that I’m offering. However, you can always add a second shooter for an additional cost. Contact me if you’re interested on getting pricing information.

What if I want more than 8 hours of coverage for my wedding?

No problem! You can always add hours to your packages at an extra cost. We will go over all this in our meeting.

We want to book you! What should we do next?

E-mail me, call me; however you want to contact me, I’d be happy to go over all the details with you. A 50% deposit and a signed agreement will be required to reserve your date.

What forms of payment do you take?

I take checks, cash, money orders, credit cards (Visa, Amex, MasterCard, Discover), Chase QuickPay and PayPal.