AboutWhy choose me

About Myself

I’m a full-time Photographer and I specialize in Weddings, commercial, fitness and fashion photography. Yes, I know that’s quite a diverse experience and I love it because of that! Why not doing what you love in different industries? It has tremendously contributed to who I am today and it keeps me motivated to always challenge myself to be great and recognized at every single one of them.

So, Why choose me?

I’ve been shooting Weddings for about 5 years and have gotten to the point where I know how to put things together to create romantic and spontaneous beautiful images that will make you want to look twice at. My job is not about taking pictures; my job is about translating stories into pictures making them something you stop and stare and that will make you relive those wonderful memories. I’m not about filling out my calendar with “shoots” but days that I get to put the best out of me for you and have a pretty darn good time doing it!

As a Wedding Photographer I always get asked what’s my style and I can confidently say that it’s not really about my style only, but it’s also about the couple and the production setting where the shoot takes place at. While I put the best of my skills and fine eye to create art, this is definitely a two-way street and we all become one team to make it a real good one to drive on the day of your wedding.

Want to meet?

Of course! I’d love to meet you and your fiancé while we all enjoy a cup of coffee and get to know a bit more about your Big Day!

I’d be happy to hear from you, please fill out our contact form to plan our appointment here.